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Umwelt-Zentrum m'boi pewa


Throughout the last years, gas reserves had been discovered in the basin sedimentary of Camamú. These discoveries had showed the wealth of the region, but also they cause apprehension between the inhabitants and visitors of Boipeba, because of ambient impacts.


Amabo presented to Petrobras a proposal of ambient education for Boipeba and after a period of negotiation and adjustments, Petrobras accepted the proposal.

10th of January of 2008, was signed an accord between Petrobras and Amabo, with the objective to provide financial conditions to the project.




March, 13th, 2008, started the work of the reform of the construction. The first steps had been the acquisition of materials and disassembling the roof. As already it was visible previously, most of the walls seriously were damaged, what it implied the general restoration of all structure of the house.



March, 29th, the project Ambient Center m'boi pewa was substance of the periodical A TARDE.


May, 14th, Amabo inaugurated the Ambient Center m'boi pewa.

In the opening, priest Almeida mentioned the importance of the preservation of the nature and blessed the place, the activities and the people of the project. More than one hundred people had participated of the event, inhabitants and visitors, the Mayor from Cairu, Mr. Hildecio.


In its it speaks, Achim standed out that one of the objectives of the project is the implantation of a selective garbage collection. In its speech, Mr. Hildecio, mentioned the good organization of the community of Boipeba and launched the challenge to the Amabo, to make a partnership to implant the selective garbage collection in the locality.


May, 21th, the works started. Work-groups were formed that searched for thematic information to make the work plan.


To commemorate the Day of the Environment, the Centro Ambiental, promoted activities between 5th and 7th of June. During three days, 500 pupils had attended the theater of dolls, educative films and lectures on the preservation of the environment.


In July, Boipeba received the visit from four penguins, that had arrived of surprise. These penguins appearing at the beaches of Boipeba, is a abnormal phenomenon. The group delivered the penguins to a biologist of the project MAMA (Aquatic Marine Mammals) with a base in the Island of Tinharé.



September, 11th, 22 teachers of Boipeba partecipated a workshop of ambient education.


September, 17th, started a workshop of video. The workshop counts on three professors and 10 students and has as objective the elaboration of a video with the heading "One day in Boipeba". The video will have registered the nature and the day the day of the island.



December, 2nd, Amabo organized an event to launch the magazine "Boipeba - where I live". The magazine is distributed gratuitously for the local people and selled to the visitors of Boipeba.



March, 10th of 2009, Amabo carried through a meeting with 80 people frpm Boipeba, Moreré and Cova of the Onca, to evaluate the tourist movement of the summer 2008/09. Among the argued subjects are public security, infrastructure, garbage, sewer and the image of Boipeba.



April, 15th, the Cinema of the Centro Ambiental started with an infantile session and another one for adults.


23/24th of May, Amabo commemorated the first year of functioning of the Centro Ambiental m'boi pewa.

Amabo made a presentation of the actions developed throughout the period and the lawyer Isabel Ligeiro made a lecture on APA and Environment.

Eliete Carneiro from Petrobras, talked on actions that preserve the Environment.

The prominence of the day was the signature of a term of partnership between Amabo and the Municipal City hall of Cairu, aiming in first place the joint implantation of a selective collection of garbage and final destination of the reciclável material.

The solemnity locked up with the presentation of the video "One day in Boipeba" and capoeira with local group AXÉ BAHIA.


Between 5th and 26th of May, 26 had been constructed jiraus (gratings of poles on pitchforks settled in the soil, in this case to place the garbage) in Old Boipeba.

The construction of jiraus was part of the workshops of ambient education, with the participation of professors, students and people of the community.

The objectives are: to stimulate the community to use jiraus; to sensetize the same one for the question of the separation of the garbage and to initiate the pupils of average education as multiplying for the selective collection of the garbage.


In 3rd, 4rd and 5th of June, has been commemorated the Day of the Environment with the presentation of films, lectures with the subject " KNOWING the REEFS and Corrals" , with photos of the sea of Boipeba.

The students and teachers of the schools of Boipeba had participated to all the events.


In July, many workshops had happened with the objective to sensetize the pupils and the community on the importance of the culture of vegetables and fruits.


July, 18th, Zé Pescador and James of PROMAR had visited the Centro Ambiental in Boipeba.

PROMAR developes preservation of corrals at Itaparica Island and has the proposal to install a base in Boipeba to work on reef protection.


August, 3rd, hapened a workshop to align the actions of the project.


From 18th to 27th of August, Amabo carried through twenty workshops with children of the localities Boipeba, Moreré and Monte Alegre.


In March 2010, the accord between Amabo and Petrobras ended, but Amabo continues their activities of environmental protection.